About Brewmax

Brewmax is a beer engineering company.

Great beer is skilfully brewed, and it is also engineered.

The art of malt, hops and yeast is the passion of brewers.

Engineering a clean canvass for that art is Brewmax’s passion.

Brewmax is a beer engineering company, we are not brewers. We study thousands of pages of brewing research and translate that knowledge into affordable systems for small brewers.

Astringency, clarity, aroma, foam, flavour and freshness are all significantly affected by process engineering. Brewmax uses academic knowledge, our staff’s vast practical engineering experience and selected fabricators to bring you the latest brewing technology at an affordable price.

Whether it is the science of milling, mashing, lautering, calandria boiling, whirlpooling, cooling, fermenting or packaging, Brewmax has not re-inventing the wheel. We are simply translating published, peer reviewed, research into practical and affordable stainless steel.

Brewmax has applied for patents for our Hop Bombs and our Hydro-dynamic CCV Fermenters because they represent new technology in the brewing process.

We are very experienced at process control, we can build automatic sensor and CPU control for any critical part of your brewing process.

Please call us day or night, advice is free and beer is fun!

Brewmax is a member of the ASBC (USA) and the IBA (Australia)