Hop Bombs

(International patent pending)

Dry hopping is a critical process in brewing. The volume of hops used is a significant cost, and the first casualty of any oxygen ingress is hop aroma and flavour.

The Brewmax Hop Bomb is a unique, anaerobic, hydro-dynamic dry-hopping vessel capable of being configured for variable hop loads.

  • Using a technique of repeated high pressure purging, O2 is completely eliminated before beer in introduced.
  • The Hop Bomb design ensures the beer flows through a hydrated hop bed of even depth. This cause all parts of the hop load to be evenly exposed.
  • The even depth of the hop bed allows the Hop Bomb to act like a coarse filter, after a “hop vorlauf” step. With the addition of Ployclar and silica gel during recirculation, it clears some protein/polyphenol haze and precursors.
  • The gentle hydro-dynamic flow uses about 60% of the hops to achieve the same intensity as a hydro-static dry-hopping.

Hop Bombs come in sizes with max loads of:

  • Pico Bomb (up to 0.45 kgs)
  • Nano Bomb (up to 2 kgs)
  • Baby Bomb (up to 15 kgs)
  • Hop Bomb (up to 25 kgs)
  • Tall Bomb (up to 43 kgs)
  • Giraffe Bomb (up to 62 kgs)
  • Elephant Bomb (up to 120 kgs)

We would not expect a maximum load over 0.5 kg per hectolitre using this technology.