Ultra-Low DO Canning

Oxidation in beer aging can be caused by enzymes or molecular oxygen. Oxygen is absorbed by the beer in a few days and , although noticeable staling compounds do not appear for months, hop aroma and flavour suffer immediately. The absolute reduction of exposure to oxygen in packaging is essential for preserving delicate hop aromas and flavours.

Bottles pick up ~2ppb O2 past the crown seal every day, and bottle shops then display bottles under bright lights. The oxygen and light barrier benefits of canning beer are obvious.

The challenge of canning is affordability, space, carbonation control and dissolved oxygen pickup.

Brewmax supplies wheel-in/wheel-out isobaric canning lines, with Inert Gas Cloud ( IGC) technology at an affordable cost.

  • Mobile units allow dual use of the cellar-door/restaurant space for canning on the days it is closed.
  • Isobaric canning is the only technique for consistent carbonation.
  • Brewmax’s unique nitrogen generation and blanketing system (IGC) removes over 99% of the beer’s contact with atmospheric oxygen during the packaging process.
  • From small low-budget systems to faster medium-budget, our lines are low labour and high performance.
  • Brewmax makes full-pallet, fixed, automatic depalletizers, and half-height-pallet, mobile, automatic depalletizers, and mobile manual-to-rotary unloaders