Nitro Generation

Nitrogen is not a respiratory poison, it is not a greenhouse gas, and it is free!

It is however an asphyxiant, if you enter a tank or enclosed space with 100% nitrogen you will lose consciousness and eventually die.

Nitrogen is a very economical way to keep oxygen and shear away from fermented beer. Use 99.9% N2 to pressure-transfer gently into pre-purged tanks. The complete absence of O2 in beer transfers opens up other possibilities.

Stacked horizontal maturing tanks are much cheaper than CCVs, they take up less space/hec and they clear faster because they are shallow. When it is time to expand, you can save enough money on tanks to easily pay for a Brewmax Nitro-Generator. (and buy more tanks!)

In beer packaging, Inert Gas Cloud (IGC) technology is a Brewmax speciality. By pre-purging in a way that keeps nitrogen in the can, and then blanketing the whole filling and sealing process in a N2 cloud, we can remove 99.9% of oxygen from the beer packaging process.

While staling flavours sometimes take months to evolve, the immediate casualty of molecular oxygen in packaging is hop flavour and aroma. They are significantly reduced in about a week!

Although Brewmax supplies complete isobaric IGC canning lines, we can also retrofit IGC to any “open can” type filler. We might not help the carbonation consistency challenge of “open can” filling, but the oxygen problem goes away!

A Nitro-Generator line includes a high volume compressor, a cooler, a nitrogen generator and a large 7.5 bar receiver tank. There are different sizes for different demands.